Do Blogs Make Money?

A lot of people ask this question and we have to give a resounding yes.

Many bloggers start out journaling and don’t realize the value of their blogs, while others start out with the intention enter the world of blogging as a way to try and start a new career.

Many people start and  many people underestimate the commitment needed in order to create money with their writing. (more…)

Blog Etiquette

Many Business that have blogs need to adopt appropriate interactions and manners to stand out from other business blogs.

Business Blog etiquette is essential if you want others to take your business seriously.

Get noticed because of your professionalism by keeping a superior business blog etiquette.

Rule #1 –  Keep you readers in mind.

Business blog writing is not for you but for your audience to learn about your business and to build trust with that audience.

Remember that you are the expert on the topic and your readers may not necessarily know what you know about the topic you are writing for.

Always write for the audience member who needs more information from the beginning of the article. Write what your audience members will need to read in order to understand the topic as well as you.

Find out how much information your audience needs by researching with sites like Google Trends or  These social platforms help you connect with your readers and discover what they are searching answers for.

If you use complicated terminology, be sure to define it but try to stay away from too much so you don’t deter or bore your readers.  They want to enjoy their reading more than they want to feel like they are taking a college course on the topic (for the most part).

Rule #2  – Don’t link so many things to your blog that it starts to look like a colorful display of black and white and blue lines throughout from all the interlinking.

Relevant links that are helpful to your audience are ok, but interlinking too many things becomes distracting and annoying and is a complete turn off.  It’s kind of like turning on a movie and continuously running into ads when all you want to do is watch the movie.


When you link to older posts in your new posts, you can drive traffic to the articles that may need more traffic overall.  Be selective about the keywords you use so that your search ranking is appropriately affected by your choices.  Don’t too much or your site will look just like a spammy mess.

Links are generally made to help further clarify the content you have written.  Make sure you selectively choose linking that is relevant and applicable to your article and enhances the readers experience.

Be sure to have links open in a new window so their reading of the initial article is not interrupted.

Rule #3 – Interact with your readers via comments

Both positive and negative comments can be valuable in adding additional content to your site.

Positive comments are like pats on the back and negative comments are useful in creating great conversations about your topic and therefore driving more traffic.

Approach negative comments with stride, respond and watch your activity continue to grow.

Always answer your comments and keep your blog “alive”.

Comments can help drive your own writing too and give you content for future posts.

Rule #4  Reference where you get your content.

Don’t plagiarize.  It’s annoying and stupid and if you like what someone wrote and you cant to share it, then by all means share, but be sure to properly credit the author and place a link to the article for your audience to reference.

This practice will give your blog more credibility and may even help you acquire more readers.

In addition, don’t be a photo thief.  There are plenty of affordable stock photo images out there that you can use for your blog.  Some are even free as long as you credit the artist.  If you can’t stand giving credit, then go out and buy a nice camera and learn how to take killer photos yourself.


Rule #5 –  Offer White Space

Don’t just type a bunch of stuff on top of text, on top of text and on top of that text.

Too much text bulked in one area becomes a visually daunting task to some people and they will immediately be turned off from your blog.

If you have a lengthy blog post, consider breaking it up into a parts by using visuals, headlines or lists.  Too much bulk without breaks in between is just too much and can end up hurting your blog.


Reasons you Need a Blog

Are you one of those people who held off from getting a cell phone for so long because you just wanted to resist the technology and though you were doing just fine without it?

Remember the day you finally caved in and got one?

If you are a business owner, you probably immediately noticed the value in having a phone and being able to call customers at any time and maybe even increased your customer base because you were now able to offer more immediate attention and care via the cell phone. (more…)

Believe it or not, blogging and YouTube Go hand in hand

As I was researching for this blog post, I came across a great little blogger.  She has a great personality and her short little video is a fantastic example of the type of videos that can help your business boom in blogging!


Check it out:



Now that you watched that, let’s talk about why videos like this can help your blog become more and more successful and help your business grow exponentially.

  1. Social Media is HUGE. As more and more generations are raised on facebook, social media has enormous influence on how and where people spend their money.  In order to get them to open up their wallets to you, you must connect with them on a personal level so that they come to trust you and your blog together. Getting to see you “in person” and watch how you interact is key to bringing in more viewers.  The example of the blogger in this post is cute, refreshingly honest and full of personality.  I like her and I want to know more about what she is talking about just because of the way she presents herself.  YOU can do this too.
  2. YouTube allows you to demonstrate your products so that people can see them in use and know how easy it is to use them once they purchase them. This takes away unknown fears and opens the door of opportunity for them to buy from you.
  3. A little bit of “family” is created by using YouTube videos because you can share special moments and engage them in your life.  This is especially awesome for products that are used in the home, for sports or to increase wellness. Sharing your story will make them feel like a part of your family and family leads to loyalty (most of the time).
  4. Expert skills can be seen when you show yourself off on a YouTube Video. If you present yourself as the expert in your field you can end up selling more product because people trust your judgement.
  5. You can show events and get together occasions of people having a good time using your product. Happiness sells and you can see happy much easier on a video than you can through any other media.
  6. How To Videos and Problem Solving Videos are exceptionally hot commodities in a world where people want to learn how to fix all of their problems on their own.  By providing informative videos, you can offer your viewers smart ways to help learn new ways to do things and promote your products at the same time.

Some Great Blogs To Admire


If you are interested in business blogs and want to develop a nice blog, take some ideas from these top three business blogs we’ve collected data for.
In this blog article we highlight three top blogs and discuss why they are so successful.
These blogs were chosen for their unique approach to blogging and have been shown to get thousands of followers.  All you have to do is model what they do and you can be successful at blogging too!
The Sweet Leaf Tea Blog –
This is a great little blog on specialty teas.  Using a less formal blog design and easy to read writing, they are able to attract many readers from all walks of life.
The brand is clearly represented and their featured posts help guide readers to the newer articles to read.
This blog is is really playful in presentation and really touches base with the kid like nature in us which I believe turns into admiration.

Everything about the Sweet Leaf Tea blog is fun and friendly. They showcase their employees in a bright manor and let us meet the employees and take sneak peeks behind the scenes.

If you want to model this blog, be sure to talk with your employees about helping to sell your brand by possibly posting on the blog and writing about what they love about your product.

Building business through a blog is all about trust with your readers and you can easily do that by following the great example given by this wonderful Tea Blog.

Stay human and you will get lots of human admirers.

StoneyField Farms Blog

The stonyfield farms blog offers a great look at an “at home” product that gives you the feeling of family, fresh and organic farming.

The stonyfield products are based off of dairy products and their website makes you feel as though you are seeing a brochure of a well established business that has been around for ages.  The neutral color help to increase this effect.

Everything on their page is themed to match their farm and family focus from things like “People who Buzz” to “Let’s be Friends”, the stonyfield farms site offers a unique and warm approach to blog advertising.

If you want to model a blog like this one, make sure you know your theme and stick to it throughout the blog content and creation.


Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer woman blog offers a great look at a cooking blog that also focuses on some great photos of food. Showing old time illustrations will automatically connect this blog to older generational readers and those that admire the past ways of cooking and appreciating a slower time in life.

This blog is very feminine and the imagery is made to look older and more country throughout. Even the blog header was made to look more traditional.

The simple layout of the blog also offers and attraction to her blog readers and allows them to navigate easily which in turn may result in more views and shares of her articles.

Follow the lead of this blog and make sure you brand yourself.  Every photo should be consistent with your brand and improve the beauty of your blog.


Don’t forget to be authentic and you will surely have a great business blog to share with the world!